Commercial, Residential, and Personal Needs

I am a FAA professionlly licensed drone pilot. My back ground is in remote comtrol aircraft which I have flown for over 14 years and have flown over  thousands of flights. I am a member of the The Academy of Model Aeronautis or AMA. My academic background includes a Degree from North Greenville University.  Currently I am a licensed in Realtor and am a  Commercial Realtor at McDaniel & Co in Spartanburg.

 High Caliber Drone Services

Providing a wide range of commercial drone services, we operate throughout the state of South Carolina and western North Carolina.
We are considered a drone company,  that cares about our customers needs. From  small to large we can handle your drone aireal needs.

Contact us today at 864-580-1130 to speak with us about the advantages of using a drone for your needs.